Board of Directors

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Board of Directors

Serving Your Community - Board of Directors
The Board of Directors represents all of CMR RCA. With the property management company it holds regular meetings to conduct the business of maintaining common areas, enforce rules, hear appeals, and update rules and regulations.

The Board of Directors positions are elected positions by the District Delegates at the Annual elections in July. The newly elected Board then has an organizational meeting to select each of the five officers. If a member resigns, the remaining Board members can appoint a replacement.

The CMR RCA Board of Directors meets the second Tuesday of each Month. During an Executive Session at 5:30 PM, hearings are held for homeowners who are in violation of rules, wish to appeal a MAC decision and perform other business such as contracts with vendors.

The Regular Session is scheduled to begin at 6:00 PM. The property management distributes a "Board Package" in advance of the monthly meeting that includes correspondences, issues, foreclosures, budgets, etc. If any action is to be taken, it will be voted upon during the appropriate session.

Other work outside the monthly meetings includes occasionally attending the MAC Committee meetings, CMR Community Council meetings, meeting with local officials, and walkthroughs with property management as needed.

If interested please fill out the CMR Candidate Information form and return.

CMR Candidate Information (PDF)
CMR Candidate Information (DOC)

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