Antenna and Dish Policy

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Antenna and Satellite Dish Policy


1. The Association recommends that you obtain approval for the installation of a satellite dish or antenna prior to purchase of the equipment.

2. The Association also recommends that you receive a guarantee from the installing contractor and/or manufacturer that the antenna or dish will operate as designed in the approved location.

3. All antennas and dishes must be approved by the Board of Directors prior to installation. The request for approval must be submitted initially to the Master Architectural Committee on the standard application form. The Committee shall ensure that all installation information has been submitted and that the proposed installation meets the minimum requirements stated below. Once this review is complete the application shall be forwarded to the Board of Directors through the management company for approval.

4. The maximum diameter of any dish and maximum diagonal measurement of any antenna shall be 36".

5. Antennas and satellite dishes may only be installed in a side or rear yard (i.e. not in the front yard or on the front of the house). The Association reserves the right to deny approval for installations if they are in a side yard that is adjacent to a street.

6. Any application for approval of an antenna or satellite dish must show proof that all neighbors that share a property line (side or rear) have received notice of the proposed installation.

7. The Board reserves the right to require additional neighbor notification and/or approval if they believe other homes will be impacted by the installation.

8. If any neighbor objects to the proposed installation, the Board shall hold a hearing to allow all neighbors affected by the installation to give input to the Board before a final decision is reached.

9. The Board may require screening in order to shield the view of the satellite dish or antenna from adjoining property at the discretion of the Board.

10. Individual Sub-associations may have their own policy that is more restrictive. Sub-association residents are subject to the more restrictive policy.